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Room 4
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Monday, 21 April 2014

All About Me - Museum

We had a wonderful day sharing our stories, memories and treasures about ourselves on Wednesday, when our All About Me Museum was open to the public!  
We proudly shared our photographs depicting important information about us, our Prezi timelines with 5 significant events in our lives, art that depicted a fun thing we like to do, and 4 artefacts that are our treasures from different times in our lives.
Thanks to the senior syndicate who came and shared our learning and also to all the parents and grandparents who came to view.  Room 4 worked hard on their histories and the museum was a great success, well done everyone.

Some of the questions that helped us to gather information about ourselves.
Flynn beside his amazing artefacts in our Museum.
Dan's family came to view our Museum.
Eddie sharing his learning with Dad.
Cindy-Ray all set up for Museum opening.  It was Wacky Hair Day too!

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