Room 4

Room 4
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Hutt City Art Mural Competition

Boulcott School entered the Hutt City Council run competition to produce a mural that reflects our thoughts and memories of Lower Hutt.  The finished murals are to be placed around the council building as it begins a renovation.  
All of the senior syndicate were involved in some way.  Every child in each class produced a wonderful design, from which 21 were chosen and then drawn and painted by a group of 20 seniors.  The senior syndicate also took an afternoon walk to the Hutt River where everyone collected 2 river stones which were then painted and incorporated into our mural.  Well done to Kate, Mia, Genevieve, Flynn, Donald, Bronson, Daniella, Christina, Cindy-Ray, Renan and Greta from Room 4 who helped Mrs Kaye get this completed.  Ka pai!

Our finished masterpiece ready for collection!

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